Bushranger's Brew believes in providing the best handmade, natural and organic care for a man.

Bushranger's Brew started with a bloke looking for natural organic beard care from Australia. What I found, was a legend...

Peter ‘Magpie’ McGuire is probably the most famous Australian Bushranger you’ve never heard of, and for great reason…
He was so impressive as a highwayman, purloiner of goods and escapee, that the Constables of the era tried to wipe his memory from the pages of history. While most of the notorious Bushrangers of the era swung from gallows, rotted in gaols or were blasted full of lead, Magpie vanished without a trace. Although, not entirely.

The legend of Magpie’s escapades dates back to the 1860s in the Southern NSW region, where he made a name for himself as highwayman. Operating on roads in the Illawarra region, victims often described his manner as confident, his tongue full of wit, and his beard as both striking and hypnotising. In fact the only historical accounts describe McGuire as a man with a remarkable beard who always had a magpie perched on his shoulder. McGuire was known to confer with the magpie during robbery under arms. Witnesses claimed the bird would warn McGuire of Constables sneaking up behind. Of course bird whispering was only one of McGuire’s many talents.

McGuire’s beard often took the focus away from his deeds. In several eyewitness reports, victims went into great detail about the lush volume, dense growth and perpetual shine of his facial hair. They recounted how his moustache never quavered in a gunfight and how the hint of red to his bushy growth seemed to remind them of Irish dawns.

McGuire was rumoured to have been shot at point blank range by a Constable in an ambush sometime in 1867, however the bullet hit his beard and McGuire rode away unharmed. There are many stories like this, and all seem to end with Magpie McGuire’s beard saving the day.

McGuire never married, but had several (hundred) lady friends in the region. Mary Susannah Smith was the last known woman to see Magpie McGuire alive. Police surrounded her home in late October 1868 after a tip off of his whereabouts. McGuire shot his way out and was never seen again. Many believe he died of his wounds in nearby bushland. Local Aboriginals claim he transferred his soul into the magpie and took to the skies.

Susannah Smith kept the only thing Magpie left behind - his jacket. In its pocket was a piece of paper titled: Bushranger’s Brew. It listed the secret ingredients and formulas for Peter Magpie McGuire’s greatest weapon – his beard brews.
McGuire knew the bush better than anyone and his ingredients are a testament to it – raw, sustainable, natural ingredients. And all-organic, after all, there were no chemicals back in the day.

Magpie knew that a man’s beard needs love, a tough love, but love none the less. While his contemporaries looked like scruffy brigands and wispy freebooters, Peter Magpie McGuire looked like a dashing outlaw who was capable of anything.

Now I continue the legacy of Magpie McGuire by brewing the finest beard care one can find.

Make the secret yours. Use Bushranger’s Brew on your beard or stache and see what escapades come your way.
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